Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wishful Thinking

  I was reading Saturday's Globe and Mail and came across the ad for KALIYANA that has an online site as well as three stores in Canada, one in Toronto, one in Montreal and another in Ottawa.

 My somewhat dreary winter-spring mind perked up at the clothing in their ad. I had one of those moments when I picture myself in outfits that I love in theory but ones that seldom work out in practice.

I am often told that since I am tall I can get away with wearing most things. Not exactly true especially when body shape and size are figured in with the height.

Here is a photo of me trying to take a picture of myself and not being very successful but it gives some idea of my body shape and size.


 The outfit in my "selfie" is more what I usually wear which is probably from the Genuine side of my style statement.

  The clothing from the KALIYANA.COM site grabbed my Innovative side. I so want to wear these flowing bright pieces.  I can of course. All I have to do is sit down and order one or two of these outfits. But then I picture myself at our little store up on the main road or at the grocery store in our neighbouring town and know that I wouldn't wear them much. I may have to take a trip. 

Two layered outfits that would be so fun to wear. I need to find some place to go so I can put these on.

 This one is more traditional and I could wear it here. 

Fredericton could handle this one for an art show or a dance with a live band.

I love these two for the colour and shape. They would make great travelling skirts if I bought the tops to go with them.
We are off to Toronto next week and I think a visit to their store may help me decide if my Innovative side should come out for the summer no matter where I am.


  1. Wow! I expect to see you at Harvest in one of those outfits...the black or the turquoise.

  2. MMmm maybe not since it has been so cold during Harvest lately. I may have to have an event just to wear one of these.

  3. The beauty of it is we can decide to be and look how ever we want when we want. It just depends how much attention you want to draw to yourself and if you mind people staring at you. I totally relate to what you're thinking. If I want to blend in, I dress quiet. If not I let it rip :))

    1. I am getting less inclined to let it rip but not completely!

  4. Love these Mary! You really do well clothes well!