Wednesday, May 7, 2014

More Bits and Pieces

The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer

When I wrote the title of this blog post the song lyrics from Bits and Pieces start playing in my mind. As you know my musical intelligence does not extend to any knowledge of where or who or very much of what the song bits I hear in my head are connected to. So I looked this one up. It is really quite a sad song since someone left and "All I do is sit and cry" or "Now you've gone and I'm all alone".
My post today is not about sadness or loneliness per se. I am going to briefly talk about three books that I have read in the past couple of months that are a bit about loneliness and some loss but resilience and hope too.

Tell the Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt

The Light Between the Oceans by M.L. Stedman

All three of these novels concentrate on the choices we make and how these choices affect us and those around us. I was at times frustrated by what a character did or didn't do that I thought they should or shouldn't have done.  I want to reach in to the pages and stop them from  making a bad decision or choice. They are not mysteries in the truest sense of the genre but they are mystifying at times. I often want the ending of a book to be wrapped up in a neat bow with a clean and reasonable resolution. These novels are more like real life where we don't get those kinds of pure resolutions. I highly recommend all three for spring or summer reads.

Final Eyelash Update

My three months of using Eyenvy are up and I am aflutter in eyelashes. So impressed that a beauty product did exactly what it said it would do!!


We spent an overnight in the lovely Algonquin Hotel in Saint Andrews by the sea. The refurbished hotel is wonderful. Check out the photos and comments on Wendy's blog:        She says it so well.


Off to Toronto on Saturday for three weeks one of which will be spent in Nashville Tennessee. I am going to see Arrabal with my oldest daughter on an overnighter in Toronto as our Mother's Day adventure. Looking forward to this and will report back as to how it was. We are going to Nashville with family just because none of us have ever been there. We are not country and western music fans but we heard good things about the city so we decided to go for it. Will report back on this adventure too.


  1. So excited for you for your trip! By the time you are back it will likely be summer, since we will have almost completely skipped Spring!

  2. I hope you are listening to some good country music in preparation for your trip! I am going to the Algonquin with my daughter next week---looking forward to that! I want to go to Nashville. I think you can go early to Arrabal and get free salsa lessons from the actors. Have a good trip!

  3. Your trip sounds like fun!! And I saw the marvelous over at Wendy's. But those eyelashes!! My goodness, it looks like you have false lashes on!! I'm so impressed with how it worked. Getting some...enjoy your trip.

  4. I am going to have a good time. Saw a special copy of People mag today on Country Stars. May get a copy so I will know who to look out for while we are in Nashville.
    At Arrabel we can get tango lessons. We will likely go in time for those. Thanks folks.