Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Genuinely innovatively tacky!

I finished doing my style statement a while back from the book :

I decided that I was a Genuine/Innovative which you will have to read the book to find out what exactly that means or check my earlier post on this. It may not be completely accurate but it keeps coming up in my purchase history. I get surprised once again. Isn't nice to be able to surprise yourself? The word Genuine in the context of this book generally means someone who likes quality items whether in clothing or household items. For me it is likely that I aspire to this rather than actually practice it. And Innovative means what innovative always means. Looking for the different or the new and unusual. 

I spent three days in Boston recently. My first real trip to that city. I had attended a conference there one time but that meant going from hotel to conference center and back. This time I went out and about which also involved some shopping. 

This is a photo of a cartoon I have had on my refrigerator for about eleven years. It was given to me by a member of my team when I was the Director of Education for a school district. She scratched out the man's name and put mine in. It also surprised me. It took a cartoon from her for me to realize this war going on inside of me at times was real. But I had no idea anyone else could see it. Genuine on the right and Innovative on the left of the cartoon. Who knew?

Back to shopping in Boston. I picked up this mug at our first stop.

I don't know where all of these first lines of literature are from but I thought I would love to find out.
I am trying to write detective fiction and have finished one novel and have the first draft of my second one completed. I was being Genuine in thinking this mug would inspire me to write well and it seemed of good quality and came in a great box.

On our way home we stopped at Cabela's and this was my first purchase there.

This mug was so ridiculous that I laughed out loud when I saw it. Then I picked it up and it was super to hold on to. As I stood there I thought "well I am writing mystery fiction which sometimes involved the use of pistols" maybe if I drank my tea out of this while writing I would get inspired so home it came! Innovative obviously since not too many folks would see quality or tradition in this mug. 

And last on my list is this pink camo. pen. Not exactly innovative but not genuine either in terms of my style statement. I simply love buying pens and stationery wherever I go and I have never had a pen like this. 

 I am somewhat concerned that my style statement should have the word tacky in there somewhere. I could show you the clothes I bought since they fit quite nicely in both categories too. Surprise!


  1. ha! Not tacky - playful! I think these are all going to be helpful in supporting the new Mary Mesheau, International Author of Mysteries self!

  2. Nice purchases! And have they done the trick?

  3. Wendy--yes I do think playful too really. Am publishing ( how hopeful of me) under my maiden name Sawyer so Mary Sawyer International author of mysteries sounds perfect!!

  4. Barb---Not yet but there is still time I am hoping.

  5. The pistol mug also made me laugh out loud as soon as I saw it. The cammo pen is a great conversation piece! I'm sure it's a curious piece to bring out in a meeting.

  6. The pen might "encourage" people to take me seriously!

  7. That mug and cartoon are fantastic!!! Amazing you have a first draft - are you into nordic noir by any chance? I wasn't into detective crime thrillers before I started getting into the nordic stuff. I did like agatha christie as a kid but for some reason taht always seemed so foreign. I am a pen freak too by the way!!

  8. No not noir much. My first semi rejection said it was "A nicely plotted mystery with gripping and contemporary issues." but more of a "procedural mystery" so I am going with that.