Friday, March 21, 2014

Bits and Pieces

Interpersonal Update:

I finally got a response from Writer's Digest regarding my submission. Apparently they were not routed properly to someone who could assist. I did send the submission to them but have asked to be "shown" where I should have sent it the first time. As it is I am still in the dark as to how to do this. I won't likely use their service again unless the critique comes back with an A+ on it and ten magazines that want to publish. I can be bought!!! Been getting lots of nice emails from Writers Digest including one from the person who is actually going to critique my personal essay. I really hope I wasn't too hard on them!

Home Improvement:

My husband continues to work on our refurbished bathroom as I write this but I'd rather  show how pleased I am by my eyelashes after three weeks of using EyEnvy.
I have continued to use the EyEnvy product on my lashes and eyebrows at night. It says to use during the day but not to rub your eyes so I switched to night since I have a tendency to rub my eyes if they are irritated and they were sensitive for the first two weeks. I don't seem to be having any problem now. I am sure there is a difference. I was wearing mascara for all of these photos but the same brand and I put it on the way I normally do. This is the before photo and the three week mark. Three more to go!

March 3, 2014 The Before Photo

March 18, 2014

March 18, 2014

Binge Watching: 

Just finished Season Three of the show Suits. It was recommended to us by a guy who sometimes goes home for lunch just so he can watch it. We were finished with House of Cards and Justified only comes now once a week. We decided to go with Suits.
I have to confess I have enjoyed the series but as I watched I realized I was bedazzled by the women's clothing. I almost felt like going to work again. ( Not for long) The costume designer for the series is Jolie Andreatta. The female characters wear different outfits --all dresses, skirts or suits each episode. If there was a repeat I missed it. She also dresses the men which she seems to do well but I really don't pay that much attention unless there is something awkward about what they are wearing.
I also discovered that the series is filmed in Toronto and the costume designer talks about two places she finds outfits or accessories for the female characters.

Jolie refers to The Room as one of the places she uses as Gina Torre one of the main characters likes it! I could not find a store simply called The Room so I think she may be referring to this one.

The Embellished Room
Located in the Beach shopping district, this unique clothing boutique offers a wide selection of dresses, separates and accessories imported from Europe. Deal seekers will appreciate the single, fixed-price tag, applicable to all items in the store.
Address: 1978 Queen St. E. | Toronto, ON | M4L 1H8 
Telephone: 1 416 737-5722

"Gina personally loves [the boutique] The Room in Toronto, where we film, and I get a lot of the clothes there. I see a classic romanticism in her character’s approach to a lot of things—I bet she even wears quality undergarments with a romantic feel to them. Here, she’s in a Gucci runway dress and shoes; we had to track that dress down. You’ll see a few more pieces from Gucci’s fall 2013 collection next season. The earrings are from Carole Tanenbaum, a vintage collector in Toronto." Jolie Andreatta

"For the women, “it’s all about collecting [things] from different places,” says Andreatta, who starts each season by shopping in Los Angeles — where she’s based — before heading to shoot the show on location in Toronto. Among her favorite retail haunts — consignment stores like L.A.’s Decades and The Address, and Toronto boutique The Cat’s Meow, and department stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barney’s, and Bloomingdale’s. “I have a tendency to mix contemporary pieces with vintage,” she says.When the cast shoots close-ups, they’ll sometimes ditch the handmade Italian shoes in favor of a more casual footwear, as long as it won’t be seen on the small screen. “

I noticed how the actresses (Glenn Close says we can say actresses) all wear very high heels which make them have an exaggerated walk. I loved it when Jolie says they "ditch the handmade Italian shoes". They do make the women look tall and willowy but it concerns me when I see young women who have watched the show say they want to wear stilettos to work. Not a good idea for back and feet long term.

The Cat's Meow. The Cat's Meow Vintage Couture & Designer Wear is located @ 180 Avenue Road in Toronto. Specializing in ladies quality vintage fashion and luxury designer resale. Vintage clothing & accessories from the 1920's-1980's, with a focus on the 50's,60's & 70's.
The Character: Jessica Pearson, played by Gina Torre

For those of you who have not tuned in to Suits it is a good relaxing watch with lots of fabulous clothes to keep you interested in the slow bits. And I think I am going to check out both these boutiques when I am in Toronto.


  1. Hi Mar - I would say the eyelash stuff is working!

    I am still making my way through House of Cards, but oddly for me, have been writing many evenings this past week. I am about 5 chapters away from the FINAL (for me) rewrite of book 1. What a chore, but so much better! see you tonight!

  2. I am going to watch Suits eventually - on my list!

    They eyelashes have really come on - it looks like a fan Mary - really beautiful and now I am interested to see 6 weeks and i might give it a go!

    PS I am sure you werent too hard on the WDigest - and if you were well they needed a kick to get their butts in gear and give you the deserved service!!!

    And yes actress is fine - I mean PC squad take it too far sometimes..

    1. My critique arrived today and is going to be helpful so all is good!

  3. Not a TV gal here, but if got stalled on your eyelashes!! Wow. I need some of that stuff. Very glamorous looking, indeed.

  4. I am pleased with product so far!

  5. Yes, eyelashes look great. So we can say "actresses"? Love that dusty rose dress.

  6. Yes Glenn Close said we could on Jian Gomeshi

  7. The Room she is referring to is The Room at the Hudson's Bay