Sunday, April 27, 2014

Talking to Oneself and Family and Friend Fun Times

                                                        WHAT'S GOING ON

I am sure everyone is wondering if I am still working to improve both my brain function and my writing abilities through music and binge watching televisions shows. The answer is yes I am. I am working on the second draft of my second novel while I wait for the formatting and layout of my first one to be completed. I don't seem to have any more ambition to work long hours than I have ever had. But maybe keeping one's nose to the grindstone isn't a byproduct of working on the brain. It is likely more of a personality problem in my case.

The physical side of my life isn't getting any broader although I have made a commitment to myself to get my bike out of the barn tomorrow. That is step one which may or may not lead to any riding of said bike.

What is on my mind today is the habit of people talking to themselves in public. I have become quite fascinated by this as I personally know someone who does this on occasion until I remind her of what she is doing. She asked me to let her know if her conversations with herself are getting too animated so I do.
But in my observations of the general public we all do it to some degree. I catch myself realizing I am moving my lips as I think about what I am about to do. As I was parking my car today at the grocery store I saw a man coming towards his car having a lively conversation with himself. Oh and I should add here that most of the people I see doing this appear completely sane.

Another interesting speech or lip habit I have observed is when I am talking to someone their lips are moving silently but are actually repeating what I am saying. This can be a bit disconcerting and does play havoc with  keeping my train of thought. When I mentioned this trait to one of my daughters she told me that I have done that to her on occasion. Ouch! That isn't going to happen again if I can help it.

I went in search of information on the net as I am wont to do  to see if this is actually a syndrome or something.  I did find lots of sites that say they can offer help for mumbling, talking to oneself or ones like this person who asked, "Why do some people move their lips when YOU'RE the one talking? ...and I don't mean as if they are wanting to interrupt you or have something to say, I mean they move their mouth to your words. What's up with that?"
So there it was, already a discussion topic on the net. These are a few of the answers that were posted for this question:

"My grandma does that! its kinda annoying lol. i think it helps them process what you're saying better if they follow along."
"well it's either they are letting you know they are listening or they are rehearsing the rebuttal."
"I think its because they're so into your conversation and agreeable with it. Could be wrong though."
"Sounds like a combo of suggestion and tics, maybe some weird subconscious compulsions."

Now that I have put this concept into your head you will be watching for it won't you?


We had a lovely Easter dinner here in the country with family. The weather was good although still too cool and soggy for our Easter egg hunt outdoors. We play Chase the Ace with our Kinder eggs as legal tender. 

                                    FRIEND TIME

Next weekend we are off to the Algonquin Hotel in Saint Andrews with a group of friends. I always look forward to a trip to the small seaside town. The hotel has been refurbished so I am excited to see what has been done with the place. 


  1. Hmm - I do talk aloud to myself in the car. I will clamp my mouth shut while you are talking - God I hope it isn't me!

  2. Oh dear, guilty as charged! I am a self talker, yes, say it. Always in the car, but found my self muttering away at a plant sale Friday, something about where the hell the dark red dahlias were. 911.

    1. I am a believer that a good cuss sometimes works best if it is spoken out loud .

  3. Oh I believe we all fall prey to this malady more often than we would wish. The "she" I refer to in the blog isn't anyone that you would know Wendy and it isn't you but let's have a pact that if one or the other catches it happening we speak up!!

  4. Interesting! I know an adult who carries on a two-sided conversation with herself.
    "Is it cold out today?
    "Yes, I think it is. You had better wear your parka."

    I don't think she realizes people can hear her. Or maybe she does...

    Did you get your bike out?

  5. You caught me on the bike thing. It was too cold to go near the barn so I didn't. I need a sunny day.