Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just wondering

After a nice long walk and chat with my eldest daughter I got to wondering when we as humans finally transcend our own egos. We were talking about the chatter that goes on in our heads that often interferes with our rational thinking due to its need for us to be front and center all the time. I try more often now to silence my ego with comments such as "you are too old to still be concerned by such things" and "why do you care what people think any more ?" which of course seems to the ego to be such a silly question. It appears that at least for me I am as insecure about my place in the world as I ever was regardless of how mature I may try to appear.
One afternoon as my family and I were enjoying a rare family lunch in a local diner I discovered a sock under my chair which at first disgusted me as I was prepared to be dismayed at the diner being so lax as to have that thing on the floor. Thank goodness I waited a bit as I soon discovered that it was one of my socks which must have fallen out of my pant leg. Which is what I get for taking jeans and socks off in one motion and then putting the same jeans on the next day.
I have decided that that sock is the symbol for my unbridled hubris--my ego will get tucked into my purse with my errant sock where both belong.

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