Thursday, March 17, 2011

I am currently half way through a Science and Religion course at a local university. The over 50's were invited to take the course to add some "wisdom" for the third year students who had to take the course. "wisdom is my word for why we were included. It is a struggle at times to revisit science I did not learn the first time I experienced it and now there is a lot of new stuff. But the over 50's are acing the thing although we do not have to write papers or take exams which gives us the freedom to say whatever we want.
I am somewhat dismayed at how little the young students know about life, religion and even science. The girls are annoying me with their reluctance to even consider patriarchy or feminism in any discussion. One young lady suggested the Catholic Church was trying to act as a good shepherd when it kept real knowledge from parishioners and what was wrong with that!!! OMG. I need to remember what I did not know or care about in my third year of university --which was mostly anything to do with what I was supposed to be learning.

Went to Sandra Shamus's one woman show in Toronto at the Winter Garden theatre. Very funny and so good to be part of a large group of mostly women who knew what menopause was really like and could laugh about it.

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