Saturday, December 2, 2006

The time of our life

This is a time for all women to pay more attention to the younger women in our lives. It concerns me that so few woman in their thirties see that their place is not secure and as we become more global the effects of cultures that do not allow women to even be seen on the street are becoming closer to Canadian culture all the time. It seems as it these young women do not believe us when we say we are a long way from an equal place in the world. Our influence must be felt strongly if we are going to prevent abuse rather than react to it after it occurs.
I hear that fifty something women are a large demographic but am concerned that we havent had enough daughters or raised enough sons who understand the importance of women's place in the world. Without a critical mass of women or young women who realize that we will lose ground if they do not pay attention to the world as a concern for the treatment of women.
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