Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Opinions

I will be turning 66 years old on Sunday. That suggests to me that it is time that I shared my vast wisdom and experience with the rest of the world when I get the chance. Surprises me sometimes how much I believe the world could use my opinions on nearly everything. 

One of the pleasures of having opinions is that they can be easily changed or revised with input or the passage of time.

That may appear wishy washy to those who set their opinions in concrete and I salute their tenacity but this is not what I am about. My opinions are sound and well thought out ( mostly in the car when I am driving somewhere alone)which gives me the confidence to express them and also to reserve the right to change them. And to borrow from our new Prime Minister if you were to ask me why I think my opinions should matter to anyone I say "I'm 66."

This list is not in any order of importance which I guess means the list is random. 

1. If you are in your late forties and beyond and you are in the presence of younger people do not start discussing the highway construction in minute detail or the new siding on any houses you pass while driving in the car.

2. To continue the theme of #1 Do not talk ad nauseum about the neighbours new car, house repairs or any new construction as you pass by unless the younger people ask you a question about said things.

3. Catch yourself before you make a five minute story last for ten minutes. Expect to be listened to and engaged with during the conversation but do not monopolize.

4. If you are seeking advice on any topic especially personal ones choose the best people to advise you. If you are intent on keeping your marriage together then talk with people who have successfully kept a marriage together. If you want a divorce then talk to someone who successfully divorced someone. The key to this one is "successfully". If you are only looking for someone to nod and sympathize with your sad plight you can choose whomever you want since you are not really looking for advice. You are most likely looking for validation.

5. The people in your immediate neighbourhood may not be the nicest people you could meet or spend time with. Just because you live in close proximity to someone and share the same sidewalk or mail box doesn't give you or them a free pass on bad behaviour or an automatic ticket to your friendship list. 

6. Don't be a grumpy old person. Express your opinions as you see fit but avoid filling up the air space with anger, superiority or closed ears. If people stop listening to you it won't be because you are older it will be because you are close minded. 


  1. Ha! Wondering about the stories behind this! :-). I was watching Christiane Northrup the other day and she said the ting that makes one old is identifying oneself solely as being old and paying no attention or interest in what's happening with the young. People who live to a 100 tend to hang out with all kinds of people and don't focus on their health. I'd say you will definitely got a 100 if your recent dancing is any indication! Happy birthday!

    1. Yes I heard her say this too. I'm a bit weary of avoiding the whole thing. If we value who we are today our chronological age doesn't really matter. Yet experience over time should count for something in my mind. Although my siblings would tell you that I have been giving opinions since I could talk and probably before.

  2. Wise advice!! Happy Birthday! Hope I can treat you to breakfast, or lunch, or Tim's!

    1. Sounds like a plan. I could share my opinions with you on the place we do this.