Monday, October 19, 2015

Creative Veganism

I'm sure everyone is dying to know more about my vegan journey. It continues although I can sense those folks who patiently listen or ask me questions when they realize I am eating "funny" thinking quietly in their own minds "Wonder how long this will last?'

If they actually asked me the question this is what I would reply.

"I have no idea. Doing my best right now to give it a good go."

Which means I have made a promise to myself but not one that will bind me forever to something.
That could be construed as wishy washy but I choose to to think of it as careful and prudent. Which means I will feel no guilt if I should decide this eating plan is not for me long term.

But so far so good. I have used some oils lightly to avoid a dry dish but otherwise have held my ground against the meat and dairy. As you will see below I have already had to ad lib some of the ingredients since no one's pantry can hold all the new items many vegan recipes request.

On this one the results were quite successful with the end product tasting great although probably not the same had I used all the ingredients as listed.

Tonight's dinner of red beans and quinoa required some adjustments too. I didn't have quite enough veggie broth (which I am going to have to buy at Costco) so I substituted a can of organic vegetable soup with a little white wine to get my four cups. I don't much like green pepper so I put in a jalapeno pepper and extra celery. The dish was very good with a hint of cinnamon for some reason--likely in the canned soup. 

So the moral of this story is one can be a successful vegan cook if one is prepared to make judicious substitutions. 

Off to try to make kale chips that I will enjoy eating recipe be damned!


  1. Hello Mary, is this a cookie recipe? I will try them if you thing they are worth it

    1. Yes and I got your response about making them. They are good although since I messed with the recipe I cannot in truth endorse this exact recipe.

  2. Sounds like you're getting creative. How's the energy level? Still up?