Sunday, October 4, 2015

My husband and I have embarked on a new eating plan. Both of us are well past the "going on a diet" phase since we realize that doing this starts with depravation, cravings, some weight loss and then a big fail which leads to the weight coming back. Truth be told this would be my pattern more than his but since he is on the same path as I am now I am including him in this post.

He has been a vegetarian for two years with me staying true to my love of all things meat. Then I came upon an article in our local paper about a documentary called Forks over Knives, which is about a whole food plant based approach aka vegan. A couple in Fredericton are starting a programme based on this approach to eating. I suggested to my husband that we watch it since I was struggling some with what to feed him as a vegetarian. So we did, watch it, that is.

Outlines the plan with some recipes

I was surprised by how much I liked what was said in the documentary. So we signed up for the intro to the program and subsequently I bought the above book and we headed into this new eating adventure three weeks ago. He is taking the classes --two hours a week for 12 weeks. I thought that was best since he buys the groceries so needs the background in reading labels etc. I follow the recipes and so we both have a part to play.

I took a look in our cupboards and decided if I wasn't going to be tempted to fall off the wagon I had better remove some of the more tempting items. For the first time in a long long time I now know exactly what is in my cupboards!

In the midst of the changeover

I am not a total stranger to eating lots of fruit and veggies and I had reduced the amount of meat I was eating. But my meals were mostly salads with a piece of chicken or fish--me eating the fowl or fish and my husband loading up on veggies. 

I am in the phase now of searching out good tasty vegan recipes that will help me stay the course.
I am using some recipes from the Forks over Knives book although I am not loving the lack of taste in most of them. 

This author uses lots of different oils so liking this one.

Language may be offensive to some but recipes are good and sometimes a "bad" word helps!

The FoK plan prohibits all oils and these two vegan recipe books do not which may be why the taste is more suited to my current palate.

I am paying attention to my energy levels and my cravings hoping my body will respond well before my mind starts trying to get me hooked back on dairy and animals.

Biking for two days next week which will be a true test of my stamina. 

Also avoiding all the vegan naysayers on the internet until I see what it does for my body.

I remember when potatoes and avacados were getting a bad rap (much like eggs did) and now they are my best friends. 

How big avacadoes have become in my life!

Would love to hear from others who are feeling great following a vegan lifestyle!!


  1. You need to follow janice McKay-Corey here in Fredericton, Mary. She is an amazing vegan chef, always testing recipes and putting up the results. She's on facebook and instagram. Good luck!

  2. And you are looking good Mary! We do need to share good recipes but I am finding that adapting old ones that still taste a bit like they did works well too!

  3. I'm impressed with the cupboard-cleaning exercise, as well as the whole new approach to foods and eating. Hang on to those avocados!!

    1. I almost didn't do it once I realized what I had planned for myself but now that it is done I'm quite pleased with myself.