Monday, September 21, 2015

Launch Time

It's that time again. My second book is now available on, and on Kindle.
I am getting some feedback already which I am sharing on this site. 

I would love to have lots and lots of people read this one and my first book too of course. I'll share the comments from my readers that will give you some idea of the kind of books this series is. 
So helpful to have folks tell me what they think the story is like or about so I can share with other future readers. I know what I was thinking when I wrote the books but that isn't always what the reader takes from the books.

ByCara Hazeltonon August 26, 2014
Intriguing characters, exciting story, great local back drop. Picked it up and couldn't wait for the kids to go to bed so I could finish it! Enjoyed every single page. Looking forward to the next one!

ByJudy Smithon August 11, 2014
This first of the Stella Page Series was very hard to put down....truly looking forward to the next!

I finished Stella #2 the evening before last.  It was definitely a page turner, and very well written.  The plot was very Perry Mason.  The wrong person is apprehended.  Subsequently the right person confesses in a dramatic scene.  It was done in a totally credible way.  I suppose a superintendent could indeed do something that stupid re a new employee, and could be that difficult to work with.

I have a TO friend, a retired Phys Ed teacher (originally from Quebec), interested in reading both Stellas.  She already reads Louise Penny books.

What is especially valuable about the Stella books is that they are based on inside knowledge of how school systems operate in a small province – not a typical/usual format of mystery stories.

I wonder if Stella will be such an interesting sleuth when she becomes superintendent, without a jerk superintendent to wreck her life.  I guess her focus may now be on a terrible principal.  Or perhaps Minister of Education!

Deborah Harrison, PhD
Professor (retired) & Adjunct Professor
Department of Sociology

By Wendy - Published on
Stella Page is back, and where Stella is, murder isn't far behind. A school lockdown is the scene of the crime and the twists and turns that follow are well worth the ride!

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