Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer Ramblings

The sun is shining through the clouds tonight. The grass will dry and the flowers will bloom. We have noticed how quickly the blossoms open up after a day or so of rain. They seem to know that their season is short and they need to do their work quickly.

The US has given their gay citizens the right to marry! It seems strange to think the most powerful country in the world took so long to do this. Their media (television and movies) have been far ahead of the policy makers.

The Pope has asked Naomi Klein to speak to his people on climate change!! I find her books enlightening. She writes about complex subjects in a manner that those of us who do not have a scientist's mind or a business/financial mind can relate to and understand. I know why the Pope needs to talk to her. But the Pope needs to talk to a lot more women if he really wants to move the Catholic Church out of the medieval times.

There is talk of the confederate flag being relegated to a museum as a relic of a past that needs to be left in the past. Good news.

In Canada the leaders of the three political parties are competing in a race that might actually turn out to be a clean campaign where the attack ads will only harm the party using them. The election isn't until the fall but the campaigning is interesting for a change.

Marijuana is a medicine and is sold openly both legally and illegally. Our province could use some of the profits from this business but we may leave ourselves out of the game too long to get any of the rewards.

After finishing the last book in Ken Follett's trilogy I was wondering if our time (historically) would have the events and progress he wrote about from the time the world got caught up in World War One to the election of Barak Obama?

Not real summery thoughts lately. My manuscript for my second Stella Page book came back from the editor this week. Much work to be done but not overwhelming thank goodness. She (the editor that is) called me " a writer of few words" which can be true. Of course if I wrote as much as I talk there would be lots written down.

Hope to have Lockdown Murder ready to go by fall!!But then again it is summer.


  1. Love it! Mary's laundry list of important issues! Glad the editor was great! And very pleased to see confederate flag taken down. Many forgot what it stood for, and it certainly showed in white-black relations in the U.s.

  2. There are many issues here in Canada we need to be tackling as well so maybe my next list needs to be all Canadian! Have to work on that.

  3. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.