Monday, June 8, 2015

Its been over a month now since I last posted. We did go on our trip to Nashville via Ontario for three weeks. Upon our return home I was laid low by a chest cold. The first and the worst in twenty years!! This is the second road trip we have taken this year only to return home sick with a flu/cold combo.
Beginning to get the message that we need to bolster our immune systems. Mine used to be excellent when I spent my days surrounded by germy students. Not so much any more.

We did enjoy our time in Nashville. I am not a county music fan at all so I was a bit concerned we would be up to our eyeballs in cowboy hats, boots and twangy music. But it wasn't so. We only saw one entertainer in a cowboy hat and the tourists were wearing the boots more than the performers. I have nothing against either of these clothing items and find cowboy boots quite comfortable. I did have  a pair of low cut boots awhile back when the boot scootin boogie was a dance craze. Really!

The music was eclectic and topnotch. There were bands playing everywhere all day long and into the night. Musical instruments were piled in corners waiting for someone to grab them and go up on stage. Our landlady said the musicians are on the road doing the "business of music" but they return to Nashville for the "art of music." I don't think that was original to her but it fit with what we were hearing.

The music and the food always interesting and very good. 

The closest we got to a country singer

We saw bars that hosted honky tonk, blues legend BBKing and bluegrass too.

The Gaylord-Opryland Hotel where we spent $1000.00 on dinner for seven much to our surprise. 

And yes we did go to the Grand Ole Opry. Had no idea it was a radio show with an announcer and commercials all the way through. Good music and fun entertainment. Packed house for a Tuesday night.

 We stayed in Nashville East in an Airbnb apartment. Not quite what we were expecting but it met our needs. The weather was perfect and the people of Nashville were friendly and warm. All in all a great trip.


  1. 1000 bucks on dinner in the states is pretty steep and even dear for London! Hope it was worth it :)

    Hope you feel much better after your bout!

    1. We were a bit taken aback when we saw the bill. No bottles of wine either--but water was $6.00 a bottle and so it went from there. Getting much better thanks

  2. Looks like a fun city. I want to see you do the "boot scootin' boogie" in your cowboy boots!

  3. I think it's awesome that you're exploring these new worlds - like the title says - rewired for fun! The country line dance group I belong to takes a bus trip to Nashville every year and they have a grand time. After reading your post and seeing those great pics, I'm inclined to join them - but not this year - I'm still wired for work (although I short-out some days). Keep bringing us news of worlds we might never have considered visiting but would probably love!

    1. We can do our best with this although you are writing to one of the least travelled partners we know! Love going with friends and family though. Always lots of fun stories to remember.