Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Deep Freeze Time

We are now into the deep freeze phase of our winter. Possible minus 39C tonight.

Ice on my window pane

No matter how many years I live through the change of seasons I continue to be surprised when I find myself in the middle of the big freeze. Oh I know it's going to come but it can be sneaky and not come when you are prepared or expecting it to. Mother Nature is struggling with what us humans are doing with and to this planet and sometimes I think she gives us a swat "upside the head" every once in awhile hoping we just might pay attention and do something to make her job easier. 

I am almost half way through Naomi Kleins book, This Changes Everything 
" a brilliant explanation of why the climate crisis challenges us to abandon the core “free market” ideology of our time, restructure the global economy, and remake our political systems." 

Her books are not easy reads but she continues to impress me with how she 
can take a complicated topic like climate change and make me understand how we actually got into the mess we are currently in. She also has the ability to give solutions that are far reaching but necessary. You can see her photo on my blog page where I list her as a Woman of Influence. I really want to mail a copy of her book to every politician in Canada. I may have to offer to read it aloud to ensure it gets read. All I can do is hope they are reading it as a responsibility to their constituents. 

I am not linking our current cold snap to climate change since we always have them and I have no real idea if that is a bad or a good thing. But I have become more concerned about the number of storms during all of our seasons than I ever used to be. 

I came upon these photos while looking at my Google page and was struck by how they demonstrate for me how we humans relate to the natural world.

This looked like fun at first but do we really need to distort a  tree to have a place to sit?

Life on our lakes and rivers looks intriguing but what happens if we all want one of these to play in while we cover our waterways?
In case you really don't have time to read the book you can get the gist in the documentary based on the book.

Directed by Avi Lewis (AFI Festival award-winner The Take) and inspired by the New York Times-bestselling book by Naomi Klein, the feature documentary This Changes Everything will launch in winter 2015.  The film brings Naomi Klein’s radical, inspiring thesis to life through a connective thread of stories from people living and working on the front lines of change.
This Changes Everything is an invitation to viewers to consider the seemingly impossible: that the changes the climate crisis demands of us may not be a punishment to fear, but a chance to rebuild our broken political and economic systems into alternatives that improve our quality of life, well-being and connectedness to one another.
The documentary was filmed over three years in the US, Canada, China, El Salvador, Greece, and India.  Images from the film are featured in the book trailer for Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything, and throughout this website.

A small bit that shows what's worth saving:

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  1. I got that book for a daughter for Christmas and hope to borrow it back to read! It was minus 7 F when I got up this AM.

  2. Our temperatures have gone up today so it can snow!!