Sunday, June 15, 2014

Movie Month

This has been a month for the movies it seems. I spent this Father's Day on my own ( as I am not a father and mine has passed away) so I decided to take a look at an afternoon movie. A little treat for myself.
When I switched on the television Kramer vs Kramer was playing. I saw that movie when it first came out but had never watched it again. As I don't often re read books I seldom re watch movies. But for some reason today the scene I was watching between Dustin Hoffman and his neighbour played by Jane Alexander intrigued me so I watched.
The first thing that I noticed of course was how young Dustin Hoffman looked and then how funny the clothing was in 1979.

Meryl Streep was very young in this too. It was fun to see her in this role now that she and I are all grown up. I did notice how much her younger self looks like my oldest daughter.

So just maybe Meryl and I were separated at birth.

Jane Alexander was in Kramer vs. Kramer as well but there is no family likeness. I didn't recognize her which means she wasn't famous at the time. She is a good solid character actor but I doubt anyone knew at the time of the filming that Meryl Streep would have the career she has had.

Jane had the potential to be a Meryl back in the day.

My favourite movie of the new ones I saw this month was The Grand Seduction. It was delightful.
Filmed in Newfoundland

The next one that I really enjoyed was called Chef.

This is a great feel good foodie movie. Dustin Hoffman has a small part which is too bad since I do like him in movies. See Kramer above.

The final film of this month is Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise and Emily Blount. I confess I am an avid watcher of Tom Cruise films. I can't help myself.

And guess what? Brendan Gleeson the star of The Grand Seduction played a supporting role in Edge of Tomorrow. So many connections. 


  1. I love Kramer vs Kramer! They were all so good! We loved The Grand Seduction - such a great canadian film! Your daughter really does look like Meryl!

    I am a huge Brendan Gleeson fan. He and Colin in the movie In Bruges is one of my all-time favourite movies and all time favourite pairings!

    1. We really liked Bruges too. I find I need a quiet film with good character development with less murder and mayhem every once in awhile and Chef and The Grand Seduction did it for me this month.

  2. You must be Meryl's sister! The resemblance is remarkable....and Megan is also an actress. Looking forward to The Grand Seduction (the movie, that is).

  3. I think you will really like it. Hope it stays here long enough for you to catch it.