Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Finding my outdoor spirit

Once upon a time I went to a channeller. Channellers claim to be mediums that can channel the dead, allowing spirits to enter their bodies and communicate through them. A former accountant for the federal government, she went into a trance and told me that in my past lives I was a queen. She wasn't clear on Queen of what, so I am not sure if I had a large kingdom or not. A few years before that I went to another woman to have my colours done. For those of you who missed that trend it consisted of "trained" folks looking at you and determining what the best colours would be for your skin colour and general complexion. I came out as a summer but this lady also determined your style. She told me I was a classic. The woman that went with me was told she was a summer but a sporty. And if you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that I completed my style statement and came out as a genuine/innovative. From all of this vast information about myself I realized that I keep presenting myself as not particularly a purveyor of all things natural. That to me means I am not a gardener, a planter or even much of an outdoors person. As all women are wont to do I still yearn to be sporty (so I can be fit) and I yearn to be earthy ( so I will look good in Birkenstocks) and I yearn to give off that fresh air smell that some people who spend a lot of time outdoors regardless of the weather tend to give off.  Due to this ambivalence about whether I am content to be a mostly indoor person or whether I should be getting myself outdoors bonding with the plants etc. creates a struggle in me between the two positions. And sometimes after I have spent time with an outdoorsy type  I get to feeling that there is something missing in my life. For some odd reason spending time with an indoor's person seldom leaves me wanting.

But I do have some issues that need to be addressed before I can take on this outdoor lifestyle. First of all I cannot stand to squat down or kneel for long periods of time and never have since I was a little girl. I picked strawberries for one week, one summer when I was in high school and I hated having to squat down so badly that I went to work for a tobacco farmer tying up tobacco leaves which is a dirty, back breaking job but I got to stand up most of the time. So having my own garden has its appeal in the abstract but not a bit in the concrete so to speak.
Besides I probably shouldn't be getting my Queen's knees dirty.

What I should be doing outdoors
This would suit me fine as an outdoor activity
This would be fun too.

I do love to do this in the nice weather.

My indoor garden 

But in deference to my flip flopping on this desire to be a part of the earthy types I have started growing fresh herbs in my kitchen. (The geraniums in the background window sills are tended to by my husband.) I am keen at this point on having this fresh basil, rosemary, parsley and thyme at my fingertips tended to by my own hands. Carefully of course so as not to damage the manicure. So far we are doing well these tiny plants and me. They have flavoured salads and salmon and garnished plates with grace and dignity much like the queenly little plants they are.


  1. Good luck! Maybe you could dig standing up in my garden! I need some plants moved!

    1. Do you supply heavy duty work gloves?

  2. Oh, Queen Mary. That was great! I can smell fresh air and black earth emanating from your Birkenstocks! I love the honesty with which you write!

  3. And have you considered raised beds?