Monday, March 17, 2014

Girls on the Go

I did something today that I do not do often enough. I went with  Phoebe to The Fredericton Women's Show 2014 which is billed as the Best Girl's Day Ever. It was held in the Currie Center which is a new building on the campus of the University of New Brunswick. I have included a Youtube video of the Center. When I went looking for a good photo of the place I found this video and it does such a wonderful job of showcasing the Center and the view of the city from the windows that I had to include it. This was a beautiful venue for showcasing women's work and play. It is so much nicer than an arena floor in an old aluminum sided building. We have come a long way baby!

I was impressed by the quality of the displays. These entrepreneurs aren't making their own signs any more. I have included some examples of some of the professional signage that I believe upgrades what the woman is selling.

This is a collection of craft items on display. This first one is a rack of pet collars. I had to read the label to know this! 

Phoebe is holding a dress that is a simple black dress that the vendor sews on patches of high contrast fabric. We weren't sure if we liked this idea or not?

We met a young woman who is studying and practicing Equine Facilitated Learning and Wellness. It doesn't involve riding horses it is simply spending time with horses. The horse is highly sensitive to people's moods and wouldn't have an agenda of their own. Interesting work.

Because we held to our promise not to spend mindlessly we went to the Delta for a Caesar salad with chicken. Still a good choice and a great end to "Best Girl's Day Ever"

On Friday night my husband and I attended an opening at Memorial Hall Gallery on the UNB campus.
Alanna Baird studied to be an engineer but came to doing her own art using recycled tin products.
They are beautiful. Another woman doing her thing really well in NB.

With a grandfather named William Patrick O'Brien who was born on March 17 I wish you all a very Happy St Patrick's Day.


  1. Thanks Mary! When I saw most of the contributors to the women's show I was a little horrified - it seemed a little retro to me - maybe we should do this and do it right!

    Phoebe looks afraid of the dress and that is always a sign! I will have to try to take in that show - what amazing work!

    Happy St. Paddy's Day to you, too!

  2. We did notice that there was an absence of Yoga or Pilates folks there which would have fit so nicely into the venue. There were a couple of Body Renewal vendors--chiropractic and body alignment information. It is a fund raiser for Transition House. The venue did add to our experience as you may have noticed!!

  3. Hang on a horse whisperer, a medium psychic, dog collars? Well I'll be - seems like I would have had a lot of fun there!! Funny in London there aren't these sort of random conventions I suppose as space is lacking...Tinfish is still cracking me up though Mary :))))

  4. It was an interesting collection of women's gifts to the universe I must say. I met a 70 year old woman in Ontario last year who has a small hobby horse, bed and breakfast place. Odd at first but she was an interesting, delightful woman. She had just had a guest who was struggling with a romantic break up and listening to her troubles led her to think that instead of offering horses to ride to her guests she would simply offer them time with the horses. It seemed to work wonders for her depressed guest! She was going to pursue the idea. This is what made me stop and talk to Christy about her service and her study of the effects horse contact can have on human emotions. Had no idea. We had a horse encounter last summer where we swim from our boat. The two horses were summered on a small island in the river and they tried to eat our food and our lawn chairs.They drove us back to our boat twice. I think they definitely have a mind of their own and can be quite scary when they are determined!!

  5. I sort of like that black dress idea! And do you watch Heartland, CBC, Sunday night at 7pm? Good, wholesome Canadian family/horse show. I love it. Balances my crime TV addiction, maybe.....

  6. I need something to balance my Walking Dead problem!!