Tuesday, February 11, 2014


My week is progressing at warp speed as they all seem to do.

Today was my writers' group where two of us (not me this time) shared our work. It was very stimulating to be part of the conversation. Sharing this way with other writers is clarifying for me.  I am always learning something I need to know. Love it.

My musical brain is still struggling. I said I was going to put Adele in the car where I listen without interruptions but I changed my mind and put an old Rod Stewart CD on instead.  There are songs of his that I recognize as soon as he starts singing but right now I cannot name one of them, but hey, I am just starting this process. Rod and I did OK for a day and a half but truth be told he really started to irritate me. Part of the problem is the sound quality of the radio but boy he was screechy at times! Just couldn't stay with him.
Sorry Rod for  making you feel so sad, but I just
couldn't keep listening to you.

I switched to Leonard Cohen. He mumbles on my radio too, but he has something to say and the music is beautiful, to my ears at least.

The birds they sang at the break of day
"Start again", I heard them say
Don't dwell on what has passed away
Or what is yet to be

 I am sailing (in my car) along the highway that runs alongside the Saint John River on my way to writers' group. No other cars for a change, beautiful sunny day as I sang along to Leonard, not allowing my mind to wander too far. Bringing it back as I would a wayward puppy. Then coming towards me is a white car but on a turn, moving too quickly for me to check my speedometer or to see if there were lights on top until they started flashing!

There probably wasn't any smoke
but it felt like there should be.

Yup a Mountie! I pull over as he does a turn across the "empty" highway and pulls up behind me. I get out my paperwork and roll down the window. 

He got his "woman"

He gets out of his "smoking" car and comes up to my window. He tells me how fast I was going, then he surprises me by asking me why I was driving so much over the speed limit? Why does he care why I was speeding I wondered? He had caught me and I knew it.  Maybe I should have told him my mother was sick or my family needed me immediately.  Nope I told him the truth. 

"It is a beautiful day, the road is clear and I was listening to my music."I said.  He then told me what the fine is for how fast I was going. Almost $300.00!!!!. But then he said he would give me the lowest fine he could, which is $172.50. Now a pessimistic person might think the music was the reason I was going too fast.
But I believe he gave me the lower fine because he appreciated how a sunny winter day with tunes playing might cause one to go a little faster and therefore deserved more leniency.

I drive a Honda Civic and this is what the founder of Honda has to say about his cars.

               Soichiro Honda

Which tells me that speed is built into the machine. Therefore not my fault or the music's fault. Maybe my Mountie knew this too.

Disclaimer: I am not promoting dangerous driving. I was speeding on a short straight section of the road and paying close attention to my driving. Honest. And I will pay my fine without grumbling (much)


  1. I am still chuckling at you getting that ticket, Mary! all night long, all I could hear in my head was Jackie Stewart saying "it's a great great day for a motor car race" in his Scottish brogue!

    I think we are on to something with the writing group! vwey stimulating!

  2. You are a vagabond!! small mercies on getting the smaller fine though :)

  3. Great story! As we assured you yesterday, there is a positive side to this speed story; we will see it integrated into your next book.
    As our friend Leonard says, "There is a crack, a crack in everything....That's how the light gets in, That's how the light gets in." (And then Louise Penny used it for a title for her book....I used to have it written on my whiteboard at school.)

  4. Thanks ladies. I almost bought a new shirt today when the "fine" came to mind! Back on the rack it went.

  5. Mary's Theme Song:

    I like to drive at 105
    It’s just how fast I got to go
    I got the gears and I got the motor
    Ain’t no reason to go slower
    And I like the speed I like the motion
    I like the rockin machine
    I like to drive at 105
    Better hurry up if you wanna catch me

    Fred Eaglesmith (Next time you are in the car, crank this tune!)http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/f/fred_eaglesmith/105_lyrics.html

    1. Perfect. I will listen to this for sure. I will have to return to Fred at some point since his lyrics are so connected to my real life!