Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rewirement Bits that Make it Fun

Some rewiring tidbits for this week:

Musical Intelligence:
I am still working on my music listening pathway to more brain cells. I had a moment this morning as I was preparing my breakfast when a song lyric popped into my mind unbidden!! And I actually heard the singer and the music for a change. It happened to be a Fred Eaglesmith line and he is a bit country hokey which may explain why it came to me! I have read Gladwell's book about the 10,000 hours of practice and the critics who say it has to be 10,000 hours of good practice since "perfect practice makes perfect" and I am not sure where my music tastes lie.  I am not sure if repeating 'bad music' will have ill effects on my new pathways yet. I am not saying Fred's music is bad by the way.  Although a person's preference for music seems to be pretty personal and if we are emotionally invested in the learning it usually sticks better. So Fred and I are bonding in the car which I have discovered amounts to quite a bit of time together. 
This is Fred for those of you who may not know him.

I write and think and work in my "yellow room" over the garage. I am listening to Adele in this room. She and I aren't bonding as much as Fred and I are, partly because we don't get to spend as much time together apparently. I may switch her to the car.

My yellow room where I work?

Adele for those who may not know her.
Her photo is more touched up than Fred's. 

Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence:
I want to put a plug in here for Pilates. I have been a student of Pilates since my rewirement six years ago. I go twice a week for forty five minutes. I would like to say I am much fitter but it is hard to judge without a video of me six years ago. I feel stronger and am much more flexible but all the moves still hurt and I cannot do the teaser no matter how much I try. We decided (the other ladies and I) that we would likely spill all the beans in about two minutes or less if we were tortured using the Magic Circle.  When Cara had us pull on our leg with the Magic Circle and cross it over our body I was prepared to make shit up if I had to, to stop the pain. Maybe I need ten thousand hours on the teaser alone??

My new Jeep socks from my daughter for wearing to Pilates. 

Love to say this is me but it's really
my Pilates teacher, Cara.

I am writing the second draft of my second book in my mystery series starring Stella Page and her supporting cast, Kate Barthorpe and Jack Rogers. I spent some time with a former police chief this week learning about how tactical teams work. Very interesting stuff for a mystery buff such as myself to learn this "real" stuff.  I then spent some time on the RCMP website looking at wanted posters for bad guys. I had no idea these were on the internet. I couldn't pick one of them out of a line-up now if my life depended on it. Again more hours studying their faces might help. Too scary. I was tempted to put a couple of their photos here but after looking at them I have decided that I much prefer crime FICTION.


  1. ha! This is so funny! You wouldn't want one of them as a penpal Mary!

    I do yoga daily now, but I bow to you, as I think pilates is hard core and I am about soft core these days!!! Keep going with Adele - do love her!

    1. Adele this week for sure. In the car she goes.

  2. 10000 hours of singing would get me nowhere but it would drive my husband insane!!

    I used to love pilates - i love it all but for some reason cant get back into it so keep up the good work and good luck on the draft! i wish i had a draft of something...

    1. Oh there will be no public singing in this house with my warbly voice. Has to stay in the head for now.

  3. I think your purple socks match your yellow room perfectly. I think Fred would be a good match for Stella if she ever decides to run over her husband with the lawnmower. And I think you are very fit – at the core, where it counts ;)

    1. Just might happen in novel number two! The lawn mower I mean. But Stella loves socks too so they have a good chance of making it.

  4. I am curious to know which Fred line came to you unbidden???? "Time to get a gun,,,,that's what I've been thinkin' I could afford one, if I do just a little less drinkin'"

  5. Of course I can't remember what line it is now. That line came to me ten minutes ago which is a lifetime in my musical brain! It had something to do with slowing a train down! More work to be done!