Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cautious or scared

This seems to be what happened to our summer almost overnight. Two weeks ago there were hundreds of people sunbathing on this spot. On our walk we encountered a man swimming who wanted to have his picture taken with us to prove to someone he had actually gone in the water on this cold wet day. My red, take charge approach kicked in as I saw him in the water from a distance. No one else was around and as you can see the water was moving pretty fast. Actually what we thought was rain was really the spray from the water. We were only getting wet on one side of our bodies. Needless to say I kept thinking how reckless he was to be swimming alone on a day like this. He seemed quite delighted with himself as we stood for his photo and it was difficult even for a cautious person not to smile at the excitement he showed. He seemed to be in his late thirties or early forties--definitely not a kid.
On our bike excursion in Quebec the week before our dinner time conversation turned to a discussion of whether we would hold onto our bicycles if we went over the edge of the trail into the water or would we let go of them.(I asked what people would do?)  People were mixed on their answers. But I did notice that one person wondered why I would even be thinking about that while on the trail. I talked a bit about how I think this when I am on the rider mower and am mowing close the edge of a cliff that falls away to the river. Would I try to stay on the mower if it went over the edge or would I try to jump free? My husband says he would jump free to avoid the blades but I am not so sure I would do that. What if I fell onto the blades. 
Back to the dinner conversation . We had moved on to talking about checking for exits in public places like movie theatres. One man didn't see the point. Once we panicked we wouldn't be able to remember that anyway. Mm I always feel better if I think knowing how to get out or how to save myself or others by having a plan ahead of time was a good thing. I really have no idea if I would know what to do if there was an emergency or a panic but I like to think that us hyper-vigilant folks would at least feel calmer and be able to keep our heads about us while the others are running madly off in all directions!
My mother worked for a fire fighting supply company for years and she talked  to fire chiefs from across the country. She learned that they always do a visual check for exits when they are in a public space like a theatre or arena. They also don't stay above the second floor in a high rise--apparently that is about how high the ladders can reach. I think they know a thing or two about paying attention.
So I am going to honour my vigilance and continue to consider what might be dangerous so I can be prepared.


  1. YOu are so much like Barry - he is ever vigilant. I am the ostrich with their head buried in the sand! Well, I do try and plan a bit, but not as much as I should - always worried about tempting the fates, so what does that say about ME?? I like the picture, though I think buddy was crazy, too!

  2. I hate the cold, so I think he's crazy too. I would hold onto my bike.

  3. Wow!... This is great. Thank God there is someone else out there thinking about what might happen if the "arse drops out of 'er". As with most things in life, it's all about balance. Sure, check for traffic when you cross the street, but at some point you have to get to the other side. I love the pure magic of flight, the bumps and all, but I count the rows in front of me and behind me to get to an emergency exit, just like the flight attendants suggest. Life is risky, and we all have to find a way to live with the risk.... you can be deep in denial, and if that works for you... then good enough. But a little bit of planning can also give you a chance to manage the risk with a view to being a little more self sufficient.

    For the record- I would bail off of the mower and the bike. The contract between me and the things I ride is "for better or even better".... so when things go bad....I'm out 'a there!

    found this reference to what some of us may be like!