Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Response from a Lumina Spark client

Lumina Trainer
Mary Mesheau
Session: April 20, 2013

Mary created a safe, respectful environment conducive to open discussion, questioning and self-examination. Her speech and body language embodied the Lumina non-judgmental approach. She encouraged exploration while exemplifying mindfulness, easily and gently bringing us back to the topic at hand.

She confidently led us through all sections of the binder ­– methodically, clearly and at a pace that allowed enough time to ponder without getting bogged down. Her timing was perfect; each section flowed naturally and logically, building fun and anticipation every step of the way.

Self-examination can be grueling; sometimes disappointing as well as inspiring. Mary made it fun – completely non-threatening. It became a joyous appreciation of the diversity among individuals and a celebration of the contradictions within each of us.

I would like to spend more time with Mary focusing on areas highlighted in the session. A key area would be aligning my everyday and underlying ‘toughness’. Being more comfortable in my own power and standing up for my beliefs would help me become more integrated and effective.

Mary is truly a Lumina ‘spark’ – igniting her sessions with creativity, enthusiasm and a genuine desire to help people see themselves in their best light. More, please.

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