Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lumina Spark

There has been some updating of this blog mostly showing me in 2013. It is so tempting to put photos up from previous years! Vanity.
In February 2013 I took Lumina Spark training. Lumina Spark provides  highly interactive and fun experiences in which learners explore who they are, using an individualized psychometric profile tool called a Lumina Portrait. Lao Tzu stated "He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened" and it is upon this premise that Lumina Spark interventions are based. We know that everybody is unique and adopts their own individual style in communicating with others.
The workplace and the home continue to be places where our personalities assist us in getting along with others, making good decisions and creating harmony for us and others. If we are out of synch with other people in these places we will founder and not know what is wrong. If we have completed other personality tools we may believe we are a certain type trying to work with other types and that is the source of the conflicts. Lumina shows us where we are in our underlying, everyday and overextended traits which is a thorough look at ourselves. We are shown that it is possible to demonstrate different traits when necessary and helps us to understand when or why this may be necessary. It doesn't tell us that we are static in personality.
Personality profiling has been around for a long time and the science behind these tools is getting better.
After one workshop that I did a couple of the participants told me they had completed another tool five years previously and they were pleased to see that what they had worked on from it had improved. We grow and change as we experience new chapters and new people in our lives and this would be evident in our personalities. That is what I like about Lumina. There is the expectation that we will change and grow over time.

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