Monday, January 4, 2016

An opinion of time

It seems a bit early in our new year to have opinions on much of anything unless you believe like I do that opinions do not recognize the calendar year. Opinions are of the opinion that dates and times are a construct to keep us from not working hard enough or are there to keep us humans together in one place long enough to get some important stuff done.

We could miss much if we left time to chance. Those Christmas concerts where our child had a three second walk on part or the start of a movie we really want to see from the beginning to the end. Yet there are those who do not wear a watch and tell us that they are not bound by the clock. These folks seem to build up an innate sense of time and will arrive on time without looking at a clock or watch or their phone fifty times. Although some of these people are late for nearly everything but who am I to judge.

I have learned not to use an alarm clock but truthfully on those rare mornings when I absolutely need to wake up early I am opening one eye for at least an hour or two before I am supposed to be getting up to check the digital clock. I also have a partner who wakes at dawn or before which always gives me a sense of what time it is. So in my opinion there is always a need for dates and times even if they are an irritant and that there is always time for at least one opinion or two.

The holidays for the most part move quickly through time although there are likely folks who find the holidays a bit of a drag. Any time we have to spend just on ourselves, our families and our friends is time well spent.

There are those of us who also relish the quiet time just after everyone has gone home and the house rests for a bit. Although it doesn't take a long time for them to be missed and the chaos and laughter and the nonsense are missed too.

I love taking the time to look back at the year just passed. Not as much as I used to when I had a nine to five job since now I keep track of most things as they occur. Which comes with the luxury of time.

But I am one of those people who cannot refrain from setting new goals for the new year. These nearly always involve better organization of my time and my spaces. The hardest part is to keep the momentum going since I also love the time spent sitting and reading in my sunspace where time doesn't matter until the sun starts to set and it gets cool out there.

In my opinion there isn't anything we can do about time, too much, too little, moving too fast, too slowly since this is a human construct. I enjoy the look of a timepiece more than I care about what it tells me. 

A fun timepiece made by a Quebec Craftsperson

Delicate copper clock made by a New Brunswick Craftsperson

A desk clock purchased in Elmira Ontario and made nearby.

The clock that expresses my opinion most of the time. Purchased off the internet.


  1. I am of the opinion that you already make excellent use of your time. Are you going to do MORE????????!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Not really just try to keep what I am doing now sorted better. Ha on that!

  2. I am a huge goal person at the beginning of every year! I think I have an innate clock, but am trying to get more and more relaxed as the years pass. I cannot abide a clock in my room anymore - even Barry's is tucked away where I can't see it! Too many nights spent waking up and saying "Oh my god, I have to get up in three hours to go to work. Of course, this morning, I woke up at 4:30.... Perhaps I will become a farmer..

    1. Maybe you are Barry's alarm clock like Mike is mine!! You might rather be a farmer so at least you get to milk cows or something once you are awake. Definitely not the life for me unless I can get cows who prefer to be milked around 7 in the evening.