Thursday, December 3, 2015

Opinion Day

There are times when I think how bold of me to believe that writing my measly opinions about every day life affects much in the grand scheme of things. How could they matter with an international refugee crisis and in New Brunswick a continuous financial crisis all wrapped up in an environmental crisis. 

I do have lots of opinions on these issues.  I heard Mary Walsh say on CBC radio that despite her high profile in Canada she doesn't know enough to express her opinions publicly on these issues. She cares about them and keeps herself informed but she isn't comfortable speaking publicly.
I too feel this way since as I have mentioned in previous posts that my opinions are subject to change. 

The more I learn about whatever it is I am expressing an opinion about hopefully the more reasoned my opinion will become.  If we don't keep an open mind to allow for the light to get in then we are part of the problem. But opinions expressed are the fire that lights us up and gets us talking and sharing what we think is good or bad or needs to be changed and how. For now I prefer to do that locally. (most of the time).

Sometimes it is these measly opinions that change what happens to us in our daily lives and/or in those closest to us. Not many of us will change the course of history from our actions, ideas or opinions. Staying engaged on the micro level doing what we can to make our own little worlds kinder and more open as well as fair and just will lead to macro changes if enough of us do this. There must be a political theory out there that explains this much better than I am doing here. 

I watched Naomi Klein's documentary based on her book This Changes Everything by her husband Avi Lewis and came away believing this even more. The significant changes that need to be made to save our planet and keep our economies running will come from small groups pushing for change in their own environments for the sake of their families.

To this week's opinions:

1. What we do as individuals and who we choose to spend our time with shapes our small world. My world is shaped by open minded caring women who think intelligently, with kindness and deep thoughtfulness. This is how my opinions get shaped and reshaped over time.

Bright and well informed women educating me and helping me shape my opinions.

Women who read and think and shape each other's opinions with careful consideration

2. We all need people in our lives who are willing to call us on our bad ideas or opinions but we have to remain open to receiving what they tell us.

Opening our minds to what our bright and astute children tell us about how the world appears to them is important.
Don't be afraid to share with them what years of experience both good and bad have taught you.

Don't marry a "yes" man or woman. I didn't and neither did he. If it's not safe to express differing opinions then it's not a relationship. 

Families are safe places to do this as long as we make them safe. Challenge the idea or thought not the person who is expressing it. Body language and facial expressions can do as much to harden another's opinions as harsh words inside and outside a family.

Diverse families like mine can agree to disagree and still go have a beer together.

My final opinion this week is this:
Tearing down someone else with ridicule or shame is the least successful way to change minds and actions.


  1. "Be the change you wish to see in the world" springs to mind!!

    1. Your photo would have been here too if I had one without your bike helmet!!