Saturday, March 21, 2015

Wicker (Wo) man Burning Vernal Equinox Year Two

We always take care of our bodies at this ceremony with a feast to follow the burning.

The second annual Vernal Equinox ceremony was held last night. We didn't emphasize the Burning of the Socks this year. We needed to keep them on since we have so much snow. But all of our guests agreed that the weather was much warmer this time even with more snow on the ground.
We do this tongue in cheek but there is a small piece of me that must be a bit pagan since I hold out hope we have encouraged spring to come.
There was a moment when we discussed the sad burning of a woman since that has been done too many times in the past but in this case the wicker man didn't come through for us last year and we needed some real power this time. She wore a lovely straw hat and a grass skirt in honor of the occasion.

We went with a woman this year since the Wicker Man let us down last year.
Hoping this lady will get it right!

Our resident fire starter torches her.
Full of energy and colour.

In full bloom

First guest up for the laying of a sacrifice

This is all that is left. Spring got the message (we hope)


  1. It was so much run! Well done Mesheaus!

    1. Thanks we enjoyed it. If it doesn't do the trick this time we are thinking of going to the Summer Solstice next year

  2. Beautiful table!! I hope Vernal Woman works this time!

    1. It's so cold and windy this morning I hope she is allowing one final blast then that's it!!

  3. Replies
    1. Like to take credit for these but I was given them !