Monday, December 1, 2014

Good bye grumpy; hello happy

The month of November was a gloomy one for me. Not sure why I was so drawn to misery and angst but I was. I am done with that now. The problems and issues of the world will have to do without my input for at least a month.

I work for myself and I give myself this button for November
In the past I have been called the Scrooge of Christmas. I have no idea why since I buy presents, decorate a tree and a house, entertain and cook Christmas dinner. It's been said that I vacuum too much during this time. That comment can set me up for a bit. How can a person wade through ribbon, paper, shells from nuts, bits of fake snow and all sorts of sparkly bits underfoot and not at least get the vacuum out before the dinner guests arrive? Although I may give it up this year and see how things unfold. Maybe my gremlins are right. It might not matter one whit.

This how I imagine I look vacuuming

This is more like what really happens 

I will ease into the season, purchasing gifts as I go. Stopping for a break and a cup of tea and a movie or a book before I do any more. I now have twenty four days to do this. It will be a test of slowness not hurriedness. It is so much easier when I am not required to go to work each day. I have another Stella Page book with my trusty copyeditor and another story percolating in the brain. So my whole attention will not be on the season. Just some of the time.

This will happen again. And I will be thankful for the people who will be sitting here with me.

Odds and ends of foodstuffs for the season will be purchased as I move through my days. The freezer will get filled. I didn't bake last year due to weight issues, mine and others, but I just might relax for a day and make a few sweet things to share. Or then again the bake shop up the highway does a wonderful job of this. More time for my zen moments.

Bake shop to the left if you're looking.

As a future focussed thinker I can project right past Christmas to the New Year with hardly a blink of an eye. It will require a concerted effort on my part to stay in the moment. Even if that moment includes vacuuming a bit.


  1. I hate vacuuming! I refuse to do it...I hope you are better now but sometimes one gets a malaise inexplicably. Hope Xmas cheer ma

  2. Got cut off but enjoy the holidays and zen out!

  3. I think this Ida mother thing! I am trying more and more to let things go, but it isn't easy! I had a good November, but December is challenging. I also try to make things simpler for myself and others. Then I have fun!

  4. Sounds very relaxed, Mary. Oh, how I hate the vacuum cleaner. Enjoy the next 22 days!