Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ours is not to reason why

My November purging continues albeit at a slower pace than I had envisaged when I set this goal for myself. There seems to be other more exciting stuff to do. Besides I am almost finished The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert which is much more interesting than my mess.

I did tackle the refrigerator a couple of days ago and really should apologize to all those folks who visited my house over the summer and had occasion to go into it for something. I had no idea!! 

What I have discovered about myself thus far is what I will call "whoareyoukiddingthishasn'tbeentouchedinages" phenomena. Apparently when I think about my refrigerator or cleaning behind my stove or organizing the cupboards and drawers I believe I have "just" done them. Maybe not that day or that week but surely in the current season. I would be wrong. 

It often hasn't been touched at all that year. And scarily maybe not the year before either. Oh there are wipe down's and the disinfecting of the sink more often. But then again I can fool myself into thinking I just did that too. There's probably a syndrome name for whatever this is I am afflicted with. 
It could be "outasightoutamindwhoreallycares" syndrome.

It's a good thing my plants flop over so I know I didn't just water them. Even that surprises me. I do wonder if they are getting too much sun which is drying them out faster than I can keep up. I would be wrong about that too.

I have heard of people who keep a calendar to mark the schedule for this kind of cleaning. I don't know of any but I have heard they are out there. I may have to consult one of them to see if that is what I need to be doing. Of course more than likely I will think I have recorded what I have done and then forgotten to look at the calendar for the due date.  Or I will think I really did the job but forgot to mark it on my calendar. That would be way too much for me to deal with on top of having to get the work done too.

Then again I appreciate how much better something looks if I have neglected it for awhile. I can spend quite a bit of time admiring my work after it is done. I also am good at working my effort into any and all conversations for a few days afterwards.

"How are you Mary? Haven't seen you in awhile."
"Oh I have been busy. Not getting out as much. Cleaning my stove and fridge."

"It's nice to see the sun."
"Yes all my thoroughly clean floors glisten in the sunlight."

"I can't find my favourite pen."
"Oh get down and look under the sofa. It's so dust free that you should be able to find it in no time."

The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes. ~Agatha Christie
Yes, Agatha or the best way to avoid doing the dishes is to start planning a book.!


  1. Oh, that Agatha Christie....so wise.

  2. Amazing the dirt you can find when you should be doing something like writing or studying or planning!