Monday, September 29, 2014

Time: "the point or period at which things occur." or in my case don't occur

My new week is fast becoming my cranky new week. I have discovered that I messed up some stuff this week and last which annoys me greatly.

I  mailed my requests for funds from family and friends for the MS society. I remember doing it diligently although I am a reluctant fund raiser ( really hate asking people for money). The little slips with the information on are provided and pink envelopes that can be mailed back to me with a big fat cheque in it. The last time I did this (about six years ago) I put a stamp on the return envelope trying to be helpful. I don't think I got any back so this time I did put my return address sticker on each envelope but no stamp. Maybe being cheap is why I have heard from a couple of these folks wondering why I sent them an empty pink envelope with my address on it??(no one mentioned the missing stamp).  I have no idea where my head was when I was stuffing the envelopes but it wasn't paying attention. The address sticker was on the front but there was no information as to what it was all about inside.

I just now discovered that I am supposed to be at a meeting that I was actually looking forward to. I'm not there because I put the time on the wrong page in my calendar. 

Last week I showed up to my Pilates class at the wrong time. This is not a trend I want to continue.

As I look over my life as a rewired person which basically means getting paid to stay home aka living on a pension, whichever works when someone asks me what I do, I see that I have many varied things on the go. Most that I enjoy doing with the exception of the dentist this morning and although he is a very nice man I have gone to the dentist too many times where someone has felt the need to hurt me to really say I enjoy it. 

When I did the review of my life I realized that very few of my activities link one to the other. When I worked for a living I had a career that had connections, often with one activity leading towards or from another. I could keep a calendar for work and for home that synched most of the time since I had to be at work for certain hours with the rest at home. I seldom if ever missed appointments or deadlines. But there was always someone around me connected to whatever I had on my schedule who could either serve as a visual reminder or actually remind me. Not so anymore. Not only is it frustrating but it can be downright embarrassing like showing up for the wrong Pilates class.

 I use my phone calendar and I have two paper ones by each landline in which I coordinate the dates and times of my day. I also keep a notebook where I list what I need to or want to do for each day. That notebook was introduced last year when I went astray with what I was doing. I used to have one on my desk at work next to my calendar and it seemed to help. I would check off what was listed or add it to the next day. So I do feel I am organized (maybe even over organized) but the problem arises when I assume I know something which I obviously don't but I don't check to be sure. And when I am reading an email or recording a date from someone I am careless about being accurate. 

Someone asked me if I use the reminder function on my phone and I said yes but really my phone could be anywhere reminding me and I don't hear it. Or it is reminding me of the incorrect date or time since I put it in the phone incorrectly. What I really need is an assistant running around with me telling me what I have to do and watching to ensure I do it right. I will be a good candidate for the home robot. I won't care if he can clean as long as he can keep my schedule accurately and handle any complicated mail outs I may have to do.

This is probably just the guy for the job.
Apparently he dances and plays music as well which would be fun. Although I might get too distracted and miss an important meeting.
I may have to get the simple version.


  1. Ha! I am afraid of robots, having seen one too many bad robots movies.... Good luck with the schedule - I am trying to write everything down again as I keep forgetting stuff...

  2. If you find a method that works really well let me know.

  3. Interesting that you suggest it was easier to keep track of life when you were working. I think there is a lot of truth in that!

  4. Are you doing a lot of writing or some other activity that is taking up mind space even if you're not thinking about it? That's when I start to lose it and the milk gets left out etc. maybe just one calendar? xo

    1. Going to one calendar that I carry all the time may be part of the solution. At least until I get my robot