Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bits and Pieces

It's time again for me to settle in to some serious writing. I have a draft of the second in the Stella Page series finished and I am working on the second draft of which there will be many to come.  My writing pals Wendy and Barb gave me some excellent advice on the first twenty pages last week. I remember having the audacity to think that a writing group would be a waste of my time since it would keep me from working on my own writing. I read lots about how valuable a good group can be to one's writing process but impatience kept me from even considering joining one. Now I see that  I was confusing a writing class with a writing group. A world of difference. My partners have added so much to my writing by talking about my work but also giving me a chance to talk about theirs. We are going to meet more frequently this winter to keep the creativity alive and to help with our accountability to our own writing.

So happy fall everyone. The sun is shining here in New Brunswick while it snows in the west. I am feeling refreshed and ready to settle down and in. September has always been by "new year" month and that isn't going to change. I have committed to organizing and sorting my messy desk and files. Lots of stuff in them to do but they are so jumbled I will lose something important or forget to follow up if I don't get to this task. The closets also need shifting from white and pastel summer colours to fall soft warmth and darker hues. I bought a pair of black boots with red plaid cuffs ( had a moment) but I intend to wear them so need some red to wear up top. In between writing I will be on the look out for some red shirts or sweaters. Seems when I want a certain colour that is the season no one is using it. Will see what happens with the red this fall. If I am going to do as much writing as I want to I will be wearing these boots as I sit at my computer!

Happy trails.


  1. Nice boots! You'll need a red pen.....I could fix you up with some red mittens!

    1. I just may be coming your way for red mittens but not just yet (Calgary can keep their snow)

  2. Love the boots! I need them here - is really snowing! Sigh.... I think too as we are all getting more comfortable in the writing group we are getting better at it! Plus we may be learning enough to help each other! Will keep my eye out for red! Surely ll bean will have some!

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  4. Finally can comment lol! I love the boots, black and grey will look really nice too, make them stand out. (Don't tell Phoebe)