Friday, August 8, 2014

What I did on my summer vacation.

There's nothing like company from Upper Canada to get me out of the house and on the road. The local sites and attractions take on a new flair when one is sharing them with visitors. I confess I have always wanted my relatives to "like" where I have chosen to live most of my life.

This summer's adventures did not disappoint even amidst the gloomy talk of our economy and the sad state we are in here in the Maritimes due to not enough jobs or young people. But the natural environment doesn't pay any attention to that kind of negative human talk, thank goodness. And there are still lots of folks who cater to those of us who like to see the sights in this country especially in the summer months.

St. Martins was beautiful and our gateway to the Fundy Trail.

The strength and beauty of our coastal light houses shown to us at Cape Enrage

We biked 20 km of the Coastal trail in Cape Breton and are returning to do the whole 90km soon. The views were like this but the trail was relatively flat!

We enjoyed a stroll along the green in Fredericton.

 We ate well everywhere but 
Charlottetown came in first!

The Fathers of Confederation considered the beginning of our country in Charlottetown in 1864.

Our little boat showed the men the beauty of the St. John River.

Prince Edward Island kept us happy with amazing beaches.
Sent me back to reread Anne of Green Gables!

Kings Landing took us back in time. We had a great lunch there in the Kings Head Inn.

One of the windiest days ever at Cape Enrage Lighthouse. Lived up to its name as we had to hold on not to be blown out to sea. Lovely dinner in the dining room out of the wind.

The End


  1. Looks lovely and nice to see parts of Canada that aren't do famous over here!

    1. We have many like this in this part of the country but there are many more across the country.

  2. Great post Mary - captured so many of our jewels!

  3. Mary, is that true about the trails in Cape Breton being relatively flat????