Tuesday, February 25, 2014


                                   My Musical Brain Update
I write this with Bryan Adams playing softly in the background. I am struggling to listen to music for my brain growth this week. I am so drawn to concepts, words and ideas so have to really constrain myself in the car to stay off of CBC radio. This morning I drove the 24 kilometres into Fredericton for my hair appointment listening to the classical music station. It is a CBC station as well but the talking is limited. I felt a bit like someone trying to quit smoking. I settled in and relaxed into the music which was  quite nice. Some Handel in the beginning. Without lyrics I am forced to listen to the actual music. I am determined to stay the course. Bryan Adams music is familiar to me although as I type this I am "tuning" him out. I took a pause just now to really listen!

Bryan playing for me.
  Home Improvement Update
We are redoing our bathrooms but I am more interested in myself right now. And I will be doing this at home.

At my hairdresser's I was introduced to a new product (to me) called EyENVY. My hairdresser, Rebecca, does not try to sell me products but I noticed how distinctive her eyelashes were. I knew she had been experimenting with lash extensions and threading. She is a lovely blonde with beautiful cheekbones but fair eyelashes. When I mentioned her eyelashes she told me what she has been using.  She is amazed by what this product did for her lashes. I couldn't resist. Never too old for improvement.

EyEnvy Eyelash & Brow Enhancer
CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 75

Discover eyelashes and eyebrows that are longer, thicker and fuller.  
EyEnvy is a breakthrough formula that improves the length, volume and thickness of lashes and brows.
Used daily in the morning, scientific research shows that Eyenvy is proven to increase the density & length of your own natural lashes up to 45% within just 6 weeks!
Great for thinning lashes, over-tweezed brows, loss of eyelashes to Madarosis, as well as cancer patients.

My eyelashes and eyebrow waiting for the transformation.
Will retake in six weeks.

My Binge-watching Update
My binge-watching hasn't slown down even though I wanted it to. Friends gave us The Wire which took some getting used to but once I was hooked it was all watching from then on. 

They aren't kidding when they say "listen carefully."

Nasty couple 

We watched the first season of the American version of House of Cards. There is a British version but I cannot seem to get into it.  We are now about two thirds of the way through the second season. It is like watching a train wreck with the two stars tearing through people's lives leaving bodies and ruined lives in their wake. The series is described as one where "A Congressman works with his equally conniving wife to exact revenge on the people who betrayed him. "

We have reached that point when you know you aren't going to stop until you get to the end. There is a point in all of these series where I could walk away and I have walked away from a few (too few likely) but you just know when you have passed that point and you are in for the count. You couldn't quit if you tried.

It is really difficult to "like" either Kevin Spacey or Robin Wright as the characters. But I watch Robin's clothes and make up while I tell myself she is really too thin. Today I read in a magazine (at the hairdresser's) that Sean Penn was living with Charlize Theron. I realized that he and Robin had split up although he was with her the longest thus far. What struck me was how similar physically Robin and Charlize are --at least in photos.



Maybe Sean misses Robin. Not sure who instigated their break up but ......

Current Pet Peeve Update

At a public meeting I attended this week a politician apologized to the audience for showing up in a suit. He told us he usually dresses more casually. Is this an indication of how he views rural residents--not worthy of a suit and tie? Does he think we are too rough and ready to appreciate a suit? I'm peeved.


  1. You should have apologized for wearing clothes!

    We will start house of cards 2 when we are back from the south. Finished binge-watching Sherlock - have you seen season 3 yet? It's fabulous!

    As for eyelashes - don't know anything, although I did think there was some controversy over the health of using this stuff, but I think it was the other brand whose name completely escapes me right now!

    Love that you are listening to Brian!

    1. I am caught completely up to date with Sherlock as I PVR each new episode. I shall see what happens with my attempt at more eyelashes. My eyes can be pretty sensitive so if there is an issue I'll know soon. Hope it works since the tiny little tube cost $87.00

  2. I agree with the suit peeve. Arrogant! Started Season 3 of The Wire. I am finding it hard to expose myself to all that violence consistently. No hope. Despair. Long winter....

    1. I too have to ease up on the misery viewing at times. Found the drug scenes in the Wire a bit hard to watch.

  3. Bryan Adams lives in my neighborhood while he is in London.

    The wire is one of the best tv series - it took me about 6 episodes where I persevered but boy was it worth it! heartbreaking and I still haven't fully recovered mind you...
    I have a thing about eyelashes too - I once got those eyelash extensions - they are so tempting but don't ever succumb! Your lashes make up for the va va voom and I had to regrow them properly for a year and a half so never again - mascara now for me!

    1. I am hoping for good things with my eyenvy liquid. I put it on the lash line on the skin so I am imagining it causing all sorts of growth underneath. Of course every now and then I have a flash of worry about what else it might be growing! You only use it for six months and then stop and Rebecca has done that and so far so good.

  4. Maybe he was genuinely embarrassed by his suit?

    1. Oh maybe but it was a nice suit. He is a nice fellow and I am likely being hyper sensitive but when I mentioned it to my husband he had picked up on the comment as well.

  5. Hi Mary, Mike forwarded your blog...I can't comment on eyelash extensions, eyebrows or Bryan Adams (at least not in public), but we did start watching House of Cards! Just a couple of episodes in and so far so good~!

    The other BF (not, Barb Fullerton)

  6. Welcome aboard. I will check out Faceyman too. We finished House of Cards after a round of binge watching this week. What a couple the Underwoods are. Not your usual lead characters. Maybe I will throw in a motorcycle or two on this site!!