Tuesday, October 29, 2013

ORIGINAL VIDEO - Bitchy Resting Face

  I had a boss who used to pinch my arm and tell me to smile. He didn't seem to get that hurting me wasn't going to help my "bitchy resting face."


  1. This was my big laugh for today. It is so what I have experienced all my life. I love that these young people are making videos to show us this kind of mistaken idea people have about what we are feeling by what we show on our face.

  2. My niece, at age three or four, used to call it a "Mad Face." Unfortunately she asked her mother why their neighbor had a "Mad Face", in front of the neighbor.

  3. If that happens to me (although not so much these days) I would laugh. You get used to the reactions of others after a few years of wearing a "mad face".