Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On my mind for today-learning

I think I have written here before about my role as the Local Service District Committee Chairperson for our area. This has also led to me sitting on a Regional Board as a member at large for all the local service districts not represented at the board table. In my previous life I sat in meetings a lot and represented my school or my district or my province over and over again. I decided it was time to rewire since my legs were not happy with all the sitting nor was my mind and attention staying engaged with the content. Fast forward six years and I am back at a board table. As I reflect on why I have done this to myself again I realize that when I am at this board table I am a beginning learner. I still don't like to sit still for long periods of time but I am also concentrating much harder to follow what is going on since it is not natural knowledge for me.

I find myself coming home, and anxious to get home, so I can tell my husband all about my "field trip". I am learning about Solid Waste, Rural Planning, Emergency Measures Planning, Fire Protection and on and on. I learned that we recycle a lot of our waste in this area, that we can create a rural plan that meets the needs of a variety of people, that we have fire trucks and firefighters doing lots of important work that no one notices until they need them, and I learned we are sadly lacking in emergency planning out here and that we can do something about that. This is a very limited summary of what I have learned. If this were my "job" or my "career' so much of the information would be routine for me but since it isn't, it is challenging me and dare I say actually interesting me.

Betty White stays engaged because she stays tuned into to the world at large. I have included a video clip here that demonstrates this.

So as we move on from old careers to new adventures we often take some of what worked for us in the former while finding something new to grab our attention again. No boredom here.

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