Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Average or Ordinary?

As I listen to the news casters or the politicians talk on the radio or television I hear them refer to a group of voters as "average Canadians" or "ordinary Canadians" and it causes me to pause and ask "Who are they"? I then wonder if they mean me or are there others out there who identify themselves as "ordinary or average"as a group. And do they always put Canadian on the end or are they ordinary and average teachers, plumbers, lawyers, doctors etc? Or are there only special groups who get to be average Canadians and you need the password to get into the group. At what point do you cease to be average or ordinary and then you get to talk about those who are. Is there some initiation rite that moves you into this group and then you work your way out. Is it a privilege to be part of this seemingly large group or are you being condescended to by the assumption you belong to this group and there are others like the person talking for example who are above you looking down? I have never heard any of my friends, family or work colleagues ever refer to themselves as ordinary anything so maybe it is a secret society and if you are a member you are not supposed to tell anyone. I suspect there are folks out there who would stand up and declare themselves to be proud ordinary or average Canadians if they had the opportunity. I would like to meet one of those folks.

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  1. hey Mary! I like to think of myself as an extraordinary Canadian and yet I am absolutely, 100% disengaged by the current government and do not think that he media has a clue about the average canadian. The average canadian hates the mouse of senate funds for example, but still kinda likes mike and Pam...