Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Peachy Girl Reader Reviews

Reviews of Peachy Girl by readers

Readers’ Reviews for Peachy Girl

What an engaging account of your parents' life. You balanced the dark with the light beautifully. When writing family memoirs, as I know from personal experience, you walk a very fine line trying to get to "the truths' that actually give the subjects depth of character - to make them relevant - to make them human. You managed this well and I hope managed to keep everyone in the family talking to you - no small thing. Congratulations. Pat

I want you to know that I absolutely loved it, read it all in one sitting, and felt immensely satisfied and moved - teared up at the epilogue - it's still with me. You write with such empathy and so little sentimentality - difficult balance to achieve. You have the confidence in your characters to let them stand on their own and they shine. Incredible job, Mary. It's really, really good. Cathy

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